Question on Double Upload rejection. I recently uploaded a picture into my queue at "hot", then went to my queue and saw it had not "entered screening" yet so I deleted it from queue. About one minute later I uploaded the picture again marked at "hot", went to my queue and it had "entered screening" (the first picture I uploaded was not in the queue). It was not actually a hot photo so it was rejected rightly for that. I was surprised to see my first upload also in my rejections as well though.

I went on to appeal the photo rejected as "double upload" explaining as I did above, also questioning if there is a lag in the system somewhere that would allow me to delete it and it enter screening. I wasn't looking for it to be accepted on appeal, only removed from my rejection queue. Unfortunately, the appeal was rejected with no explanation regarding my specific scenario, only a link to the double upload sticky topic, which doesn't answer my scenario.

Is there a lag in the system that allows a picture to be deleted from queue and also enter screening?
Is it possible for a rejection to be reversed and NOT accepted as a photo into the database?