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  • davepotter
    replied to burnt whites
    I'd disagree with that. Exposure is extremely important when taking the picture. As the OP will struggle to recover the two blown out images in to usable ones. If the exposure is right out of the camera, only minor tweaks will need to be made in post.

    P.s - Not a screener....
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  • davepotter
    replied to burnt whites
    On the Vueling, your shutter speed went from 1/640 to 1/320 hence the over exposure (note the Vueling livery is not a Canon's friend).

    For the Brussels, the sun was full on the side when you shot the side on so blew out at 1/400, but because you shot the Brussels nose on as well, whilst you still shot at 1/400, the angle of the sun wasn't so harsh to blow out the whites.

    I found with Canon's, if shooting in direct sunshine, it's always worth AV or TV priority (if you are not comfortable with Manual) and stopping down a 1/3. Vueling's livery sometimes needs 2/3 because I think the Canon really struggles with the spots.

    It's all about learning exposures and what you need to do in different lighting conditions.

    P.s I think you've over exposed by 1/3 of a stop on the Brussels, again showcasing why the whites have blown.

    P.p.s Despite what my signature says, I'm not on the screening team any more but I can't change it for some...
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