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  • Thanks for the reply, Dana.
    Indeed, aesthetic reason, which always in the eyes of the beholder, and there is nothing in the guidlines about it - that's exactly my point.

    As mentioned - saw several accepted photos to JP gallery where the plane / or planes were not centered in the overview image.

    Luckily, this airfield is about 16km from home, so I will be able and intend to visit the place yet again.
    Good evening,
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  • Hi Dana,
    Thanks for the advise.
    Anyway, the general question is about the guidlines which I expect a clarification, as I see many photos where the planes is not centered in an "airport overview". can you refer to this issue?
    Also, why in the first rejection I got, there was other remark ("Horizon unlevel"), which I fixed and re-upload, but had no reference to the "bad composition..." issue?
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  • Good evening,
    This picture of a ramp in Herzlyia airport, LLHZ, was rejected for "Bad composition (aircraft not centered)"... on my appeal the note by the screener said "too low in the frame" .
    Now, I did not find a mandatory note in the guidlines stating just that (section 1.2.3 to the guidlines) and saw several pictures from diff. airports, ramp pic.s, aerodrom's photos that were accepted on JP gallery, where planes were not really in any center, vertically nor horizontally.
    My question to the mod's would be if there is any general instruction imposing centerpoint of such a photo? or, what's the point to impose center-ballance of this type of overview?
    I merely included the tower and part of the runway with the trees of the backdrop on the scene, a further crop would ruin the outcome altogether.
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