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  • There was a pre-planed "invasion" of dozen (or more) powered paragliders above the empty runways of Ben-Gurion airport (in a time interval between landings), at around 08:00 Saturday morning. Managed to take few pictures of several gliders that were close enough for a good focal.
    Jusr had a thought to share this.
    Have a nice new week everybody,
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  • Understood. That's reasonable, Erwin.
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  • Paraglider pictures

    Good morning everyone,
    Would this is acceptable? a powered Paraglider picture, and what would be the accepted details as I do not have registration, nor I know the manufacture, and need to know which category this would apply?
    Any help is appreciated.
    Ike Harel

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  • Hello Steve,
    Humbly I would try my contribution here:

    I've addressed this issue a number of times on this forum, appealed a number of rejected photos with JPEG-Compression artifacts, investigate this phenomenon on the web, approached Canon corp. UK advisers, thereafter with a help of a scientist expert of light-photons who is working in a High-Tech co., and the conclusion learnt is this:

    The basic of this phenomenon is light-heat differentials, measured by Kelvin-Numbers, when greater than 8000 (on hot sky) would create radiant-spots i.e. artifacts on the "sky" space of the picture and /or upon the outlines of the plane fuselage (compression by itself would also happened when there is too much/extensive crop of the original picture).

    I do PP only with Canon-DPP, do not apply any further process – and yet, most of my "summer photos" of planes have some sort of artifacts.
    I do not know of any software that can remove...
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