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Michael Rodeback
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  • Yes, thank you dlowwa. I was unaware up to this point that banding could cause this rejection as it is not specified in the upload guidelines. My previous experiences with banding rejections have been on Airliners. Uploads have been rejected there for banding, but accepted here (or at least rejected for a completely different reason). Only if I tried to fix the banding would it get rejected here. The appeal was also made only after I had asked here, a screener had mentioned that it was probably worth appealing, and I had checked both the photo and the upload guidelines several times and still did not understand the rejection. Thus there is no reason to quote the appeal message that I have already read multiple times. If I was aware of a way to acknowledge the appeal results so that you knew it was understood, I would. But it doesn't appear that there is.
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  • But the lines in the sky are typically referred to as "banding" and don't typically cause a rejection on this site.
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  • Hello,

    Got this rejection a few days ago: Just confused as to what caused the bad postprocessing rejection. I don't see any halos and I can't think of anything I did that would have caused them, and the image doesn't appear to have that overprocessed look. Just hoping someone can help me so I know if I should try an appeal or if I'm missing something.

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  • And it never hurts to leave a comment to the screener saying that you are not sure and very sorry if you've incorrectly selected a category....
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