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Michael Rodeback
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  • Edit-- Trusty Dlowwa beat me to the punch so you can pretty much disregard this post. He knows a lot more about this than I do.

    Vignetting is never allowed and photoshopped lens blur, I'm pretty sure, will get you a digital manipulation rejection and an upload ban if you are caught repeatedly. These questions are answered in the photo upload guidelines which you should read before uploading any photos.
    Just about any aviation related photos will be accepted. You just have to meet quality requirements and have all the required photo info.
    If you have ten daily slots left you can upload ten photos until you use them all up or it resets at midnight UTC. The total queue slot number is how many queue slots you have available. If you have 15 queue slots left and 8 daily slots left, you can only upload 8 photos until the daily slots reset. If you have 3 queue slots left and 8 daily slots left you can only upload three photos until you have a photo accepted or a rejected...
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  • Ok. Thanks dlowwa....
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  • I'm interested. I do have a couple questions though. I'm under 18, but would parental approval work for you? Second, my acceptance ratio at the time of writing is 71.26%. Two years ago, I had a very bad camera, and a poor skill set. I had something like 100 rejections with that camera, so if we disregard those I'm sure my acceptance ratio would be around 80%. Could this work for you?

    Many thanks,
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  • Well, I guess this means I'm never going to get regular service on these in Salt Lake. The 777 is hands down my favorite aircraft, and now the rumors we used to have are no more.
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