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  • #And you can also look for a used D7200 - maybe even D5600 - as it also has a better AF than the D3300.
    Thx. I would love to try some used equipment. Unfortunately on my country buying used is not common. There's little to none "save" sellers. Yes I can buy it on ebay... but with no warranties what so ever. Having lens with moisture/dust , along with dust in the sensor is "normal".. I can't risk my money on this.
    I would love to have items marked with "open box", but unfortunately used items aren't a real option around here... so it's a question of 715Eur , that's the question ...
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  • #You want to rethink using F10-F13.
    Agree. And I may have push a bit that F13 limit. Usually I use F11 on the ground... as strange as it seems , photos looks sharper to me. Then use F8 to F10 on flying planes depending on lights conditions thus the speed . Times to times I test the F13.. end of the day, could weather.. and I don't dislike the results. But I'm not trying to bend the physics diffraction law.

    Yup the Z9 would be a dream come true... but not budget for that .
    (I believe Sony is a bit cheaper for the moment)

    I'm starting to disguise a plan...
    1) start by buying a AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6E ED VR. (FX)
    2) use it on my D3300.. evaluate the results...
    4) decide later on buying a d750

    That's the simplest plan and also the cheapest one. I don't compromise the evolution and can reuse the 70-300 lens.

    thanks again for your time and help...
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  • Thx 787Dream

    #D750 doesn't seem to be in the same price range as the other two and is certainly not mirrorless like the other two
    In my region, they very similarly, but indeed the D750 is the cheaper of the pack. Yes, it's not a mirrorless... but I don't have a formed opinion on that. I never used one before, just check and use video cameras... admittedly probably I will prefer a play old dslr optical system... but the fact is that people are start to getting use to it... and the resolution and refresh rates of the viewfinders are getting crazy .. so

    #If you want to keep using your old lens, you could use Nikon's FTZ adapter to use your old DX lens if you are short on cash.
    Sure, I've consider keeping my 18-140 or even the 55-200... but then the crop factor on a d7x0 will render them with a very small area. yes... the d850 would be a different story...but money, size and weight wise... d850 isn't an option.

    #And I second AF-P 70-300...
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  • Thx Seahawk
    It looks then the FX version is a good approach, can be used on both systems, giving then great flexibility,
    and yes I agree that keeping vignetting away will be a big plus

    That's again for the advices, keep them coming.....
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  • Thx bleuair, great and strong advices.

    #Always go for the AF-P 70-300 fx (not dx) lens.
    Indeed , I was just considering the FX version, because I wanted to pair it with the D750. I admitted, that I was not considering to be using it a DX.
    But, probably that's the better combo. The effect of less vignetting, the effect of probably using a more central point of the lens will for sure benefits sharpness and and detail.
    Not considering the reach of it with the DX crop result... sure I don't need this as of today... but I never know what a holiday will let me go to.
    So yes, the 70-300 FX version looks a good option for both..and who knows I can even buy it to use on my D3300... and later upgrade it to a d750... (and in a year's time..probably d780...will be at the same price)

    #Just for the records though. The D750 is still among the best FX bodies when it comes to noise levels and dynamic range.
    So glad to hear that. D750... looks...
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  • #Editing is practically identical and only vignetting correction on FX, cropping, exposure adjustment, resize + sharpening. No noise reduction added in editing.
    Great. Thx Seahawk for the clarification.

    #as you need a longer lens on the FX camera if you want to make use of the full frame a
    Complete agree with you. That could be a huge deal break, and I need to consider the impacts.

    as of today I'm using
    1) 50 => 75 FF Equivalent
    2) 18-140 => 210 FF Equivalent.
    3) 50-200=> 300 FF Equivalent.

    Which, moving to FF are in the "acceptable" size/weight and reach in FF.

    (In my local area, 200mm is enough, usually I'm shooting < 120 and I live near the airport, walking from home to the spot place )
    But yes moving from a D3300 to a d750 with a 70-300.... is 1Kg more to carry.

    Thanks again for your help...
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  • Thx Mark0

    #i switched from a Canon EOS T7 (aps-c) to a Canon EOS RP (ff) and there are huge differences
    Maybe I'm bias here.. but that's the kind of answer I was expecting from the ones who have switch.. but probably it's just me .. dreaming and wishing .

    I've a similarly photo to your's :
    this :

    However I can see differences in the noise (iso), dynamic range ( just like Seahawk mentioned ) and to me this reflects on the clarity , perceived resolution/definition and therefore a more 3d /wow effect, details will pop up a bit more on your photo.

    But again, not huge differences. In the end everything will add up... lens, sensor, light, stabilisation...if everything is aligned then we have a wow photo...( thus better quality in general) ..if not then we may have a bad photo even with the theoretically best gear.

    Now, if DX sensor...
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  • Thx Seahawk

    Two great shots, hardly can see any difference . Very interesting exif data: different lens, different apertures, different speeds, 200ISO (!) ..
    Doing a bit pixel peeping, then the definition , clarity and noise reduction can be noted. Sure, don't know how much or which processing was applied to both ..

    Based on these two.. I would keep the DX hands on. Am I a bit surprise ? yes.. I was expecting a bit more difference in the definition and clarity ..
    thanks for the help and insights....
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  • Advice moving from APS-C to full frame

    Dear All
    I need your help.
    I would like to have access to a few nice plane images in raw format from the following cameras : Nikon D750, Sony a7rIII, Canon R

    And why I need/want it, you may ask ?
    Well.. short story then...

    I'm using a D3300 and the kit lens (+55-200) since ever. It has served me well. No big complaints.

    However, I would like to move to FF ( not only because o JP hobby, but still in the hobby space )
    Since I don't have many lens, I don't loose much on moving to a complete new system.

    Here's my choices for the moment ( all in the same price range on my location ) :
    1) Nikon d750 and 70-300 Zoom ( this one is to keep the family... I've a tokina 11-16 for astro photo that I can reuse )
    2) Sony a7r iii and 24-240 Zoom
    3) Canon R and 70-300 Zoom

    Now, apart all the possible difference and advantages of both systems I'm really interested in understand if there will...
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