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  • Hi, I am not a screener either but you are able to make edits to your images as long as they are not drastic; examples include cloning out mass features in your frame, color gradients, or anything else that makes the photo seem un-realistic or edited tremendously. You are able to clone out dust spots, but do your best to make the image look the way you took it if were properly exposed. I use Lightroom as well and I only toggle with the exposure, contrast, whites, and blacks in the basic category and I also use the sharpening category to help with softness in my photos. The highlights and shadows tend to create halos on your photograph. Each of the toggles should be slight adjustments and show never go very far left or right of center. Never would I try to upload a photo using the selective brush or gradient/radial filters.

    My best advice is to look at some of the photos that have been accepted to the database and try to replicate your photos to how others have taken their's....
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  • Hi again! If I could get these four photos pre-screened, I would greatly appreciate it!

    I am also wanting to know more on how contrast and exposure is assessed when screening photos. This was my second attempt at submitting this photo. The first time, I was rejected for "over processed, underexposed, and contrast. When I appealed, my request was denied because the contrast was too harsh. I was told to "ignore the overexposed/dark rejection, [because] it was from a screener in training." I went back to reduce the contrast and took the screener's word to ignore the exposure. As you can see on my second attempt, I was rejected for the same reasons.
    I have been successful at keeping most of the humps in the center of slightly right of center in the histogram when uploading to the database. From previous attempts at similar photos with dark back drops and late afternoon lighting, the histogram of this photo looks similarly spread out compared...
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