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  • Thank you for the feedback Dana. I know this would be a rejection by your standards, but to others on the screening personnel, would still be worth while to appeal this and debated between the rest of the screening staff?

    For more clarification, what do you and the screeners look at when evaluating darkness and contrast. I have noticed over the years uploading that majority of the contrast rejections are due to not having "direct sun" on the aircraft and having overcast lighting. This makes sense and I see the consistency across the website which I applaud you and your staff for setting a precedent on; however, I am not sure what would constitute this photo to be rejected when the "check for dust" tool can show some sunlight on the side of the Osprey. What really confuses me is the "Dark / Underexposed" ​rejections. My understanding is that a histogram is a great resource to determine whether or not a photo is dark, properly exposed, or...
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  • Hi, I am hitting the forums again just to get clarification before I make another appeal. Recently I had this photo: ( rejected due to "Dark / Underexposed" & "Too much or too little contrast;" however, this photo ( was accepted under the same time/conditions with very similar angle. Both histograms of each photo are very similar too.

    I would love some more clarification on what resulted in the rejection of this photo compared to the one that is accepted when the characteristics and data for each photo are almost identical. I appreciate your help and guidance....
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