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Ben Long
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  • Ben Long
    started a topic 'Editing Halos' question

    'Editing Halos' question

    Hi screeners,

    This image got rejected for bad postprocessing, and after an appeal the senior screener pointed out that this rejection was due to editing halos:
    For reference, could you please point out to where the halos are?

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  • Ben Long
    started a topic 'Hot Photo' question

    'Hot Photo' question

    Hi guys,

    I have a photo of an aircraft of which the only photo in the DB currently is one of inside the cockpit.
    Since there is not image depicting the livery, or really the entire outside of the aircraft itself, should I submit the photo as a 'hot photo'?.
    I just thought that maybe as there are no images of the aircraft other than one of the inside of it, that it would be classified as "new livery" or something similar.
    For the record, the aircraft is F-GYAC and the exterior livery has actually changed since the photo from 2018 was taken, although you cannot see this because, of course, the photo is only from the inside.

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  • Hi guys,
    I'm not necessarily planning on uploading this image to the DB however I was editing some of my shots from today and found that the verticals on this image were rather interesting to correct. Some of the verticals on the shipping container indicate that the image is level, however others indicate a unlevel image. The fence, of course, is crooked, and the light pole itself seems to be level but bending inwards towards the top and is having to be supported at the base, indicating that it may be crooked. From memory, a few of the light poles in the GA precinct at my local airport are like this. The gate verticals on the far left of the image also indicate that the image is slightly unlevel.

    Low story short, I was wondering on your take on whether this image is level or not, and if not which way do you recommend I should rotate it and align with which vertical.

    Thanks in advance,
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  • In my opinion, you do not actually have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to make the photos that you take Jetphotos worthy. In other words, no matter how expensive the equipment, it is more the photographic techniques and editing that can make or break the photo. Of course, this has its limits. Some cameras are simply too old or too low-quality to produce photos that are high quality.

    I used to have a Canon (Rebel T5) 1200D. It produced photos that I am still able to today go back and re-edit for polished images. You can pick one up used for US$250 on Ebay, and a used 70-300mm lens for around US$200. Sure, they might not be the sharpest images around, but careful editing, camera settings and choosing appropriate lighting before shooting really helps.

    So no, photography does not have to cost thousands of dollars. The reason people do it because it is their hobby, and people are generally fine with putting some of their well earned cash into something...
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  • Hi screeners,

    I'd love some prescreening on this night shot that I took. For the record, I have framed the aircraft so that there is equal spacing between the left and right edge of the image and the right horizontal stabiliser and aircraft nose respectively. I tried to frame it so that the fwd and aft fuselage had equal spacing, however the image looked really awkward..

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Hi, I have the same on a couple of my photos:
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