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  • Hello,
    i have now everything understand about the JP regulate, i have 33 images from the JP database Yesterday deleted which i think the are to similar between my Account and my sons Account.
    You can check if you like, when you will more images deleted let me know it!
    For the Future i know now what is do when we are going together airplanes spotten and Upload Images to the JP Queue. Whis this you never see problems from me/us.
    When i have questions about an Image i show you First and you can take a look about it.

    Sorry one more time!

    Regards Timo...
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  • Hello,
    Yes my son and i use the same camera, because we are poor people. We dont have enough Mony to buy two cameras, and this camera is an used camera.
    I am to shy to told this everyone.
    We love both Plane spotting and we are happy to be an part from The Jetphotos family.
    Yes we share the pictures together, but never the same images.
    My son is learnig the postprocessing, and we are both happy when we have an accepet picture.

    This is the truth and nothing else!
    I say sorry

    No can you do with me or my son what ever you like.

    Regards from Timo
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  • Hallo,
    auch kurz auf deutsch:
    Mein Sohn und ich verfügen beide über den gleichen Kamera Typ. Wir hatten damals 2 Nikon D 3300 gleichzeitig erworben.
    Wir fotografieren nicht mit der selben Kamera wie behauptet.
    Ich hoffe es macht es nun etwas verständlicher für Sie.
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  • Okay, i did not understand everything, i will translate your words tomorrow from english to german.

    one word to camera: my son and i use the same camera modell. Two Nikon D 3300.

    Sorry for my english...
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  • Hello again,
    both cameras are have the same settings (time and date). More i can't tell you in the moment. I did not know that is not allowed have similar images by father and son in database.
    When you will reject the image than it is okay for me, i will not have Problems with the Jetphotos team.
    regards by Timo
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  • Hello,
    this is an image from my sons page, we go every time together airplanes spotten, we have both (father and son) the same camera. But we look that we have not the same images in database. Its similar i know but not the same image.
    Regards andt hank you for answer!...
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  • Hello,
    I have thee images in queue since 20 hours in screening, the were not acceped or rejected. Can you check the Problem.
    Queue ID: 8554075
    thank you
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