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  • By blockiness, I assume you mean what is seen in the equalized version of the photo which JetPhotos shows:

    In my test, when I look at the equalized file in Elements before exporting to JPEG, it looks normal:

    However, once I put the exported JPEG file back into Elements, it looks like this (which is normal to some degree, right?):

    But you're right, I need to figure out what's going wrong during the JPEG conversion, and the over-compression doesn't appear to occur before exporting. Currently, to export, I've just been using Save As and selecting JPEG as the file type, but is there another method you suggest I try?

    By the way, thanks for your patience! I appreciate the help you've given....
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  • Thanks for your response! Do you have any suggestions as to how I can fix these issues? When exporting from Elements in JPEG, it's exporting at the maximum quality (see image below), and my photos were originally shot in RAW, so how do I reduce the compression? Also, by the phrase "overprocessing", do you mean that the image is oversharpened, too many light/color changes, etc., or something else?

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  • Here's a smaller version of the original raw photo in case you'd like a comparison:

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  • racerclc
    started a topic Photo Rejection Advice

    Photo Rejection Advice

    Hello JetPhotos forum,

    This is my first time posting here, and I am relatively new to JetPhotos in general, so please forgive me.

    Just a few minutes ago, I uploaded the photo below to the screening queue. However, after about 50 seconds had passed (quite literally 50 seconds - after only 20-30 seconds, the photo had already begun screening, and the screener's result was shown only a few seconds later), I immediately received a response which stated that my photo had been rejected. The reasons listed were:
    • Over Processed / Bad postprocessing
    • JPG compression artefacts
    I have yet to receive any email about the rejection, but it appears that the screener left no other messages.

    Since I'm still very amateur when it comes to editing and uploading images (here's my JetPhotos profile:, I'm not sure what the screener is asking me to fix. Would anyone be willing to explain these results and give me advice on...
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