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  • Thanks for the info! I was doing research into the Tamron 100-400, and saw a lot of reviews about the Sigma 100-400 being better..
    Do you own the Sigma 100-400, or know much about it? Some people say it's as sharp as the Canon 100-400 MK II.

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  • Thank you so much for all the help!!!
    Hmm, that Tamron 100-400 sounds interesting. I may end up getting that. I’m just going to do a bunch of research first.

    Though, I have one last question.
    Is there an accessory for the Tamron 100-400 that could make it zoom to 600mm? I know they make those for Canon lenses, just not sure about the Tamron.
    And if they do, would it be good quality, or would it just take the photo quality down a lot?

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  • Canon 100-400 I USM vs Tamron 150-600

    Hey everyone!
    I'm looking to upgrade lenses from my Canon 75-300mm of which I am currently using.

    I know a couple of people with used lenses that are somewhat within my price range.
    But to be honest, I'm not really sure which one would be better. I've tried doing research into the Canon 100-400, but since it's the older version, there's not much I can find about it. And the Tamron 150-600 seems like a good lens, but it also sounds like the quality goes down a lot after 300mm?

    My current camera is a Canon T4i.

    So, for those of you that may have owned one or both of these, which one do you think would be better?
    The older Canon 100-400mm L lens, or the Tamron 150-600?

    I'm looking for the lens which focuses well and quickly, with good sharpness and little to no purple fringing.

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