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  • I use Bicubic(Smooth Gradients) too. I get satisfactory results and can better deal with the sharpening process afterwards.

    I've tried Bicubic Sharpen (Reduction) once but the results are pretty weird: it preserves details/sharpness of the original image when resizing, but it resulted (in my case) an oversharpen image.
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  • Hi!

    This one was reject due Dark / Underexposed,Bad Color (Over/Under Saturation, Hue) and Too much or too little contrast: And I'm totally agree with the rejection - I was editing on my notebook and I didn't pay much attention.

    In the attachment, a new version. Maybe the ovecast would be a problem, the sky was too bright. Yay or nay?...
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  • Thanks again dlowwa! Your kindness and patience to deal with my doubt is precious, as well as some comments left by the screeners in the rejections.

    Yeah, might be fixable. But my concern is when fixing low and midtones end up falling in bad/over processing - I know that sometimes I am a heavy hand in post processing. It's been a bit trick for me handle with overcast stuff at SBGR!

    By the way I've just done the new processing work in that TAP A330 NEO and also in Alitalia B772 - see the attachmentes. Both were photographed on the same day and in the same horrible hazy weather.

    Tried my best to improve midtones. If it is not good, then I will leave it aside....
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  • Hey guys! Nee some help again.

    This one was rejected due "little or too much contrast":

    Well, I'm totally lost here. Forecast at Guarulhos is a constant!

    I'm feeling insecure about the contrast thing and what to do. Adding more black, trying to improve midtones, be more agressive when using dehaze tool and falls on overprocessing thing.

    Any kinf recomendation/editing advice?
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