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  • Hello Pilot 8998,
    thanks for your response. The email clearly states, that it is the serial which is "wrong". I dislike it very much to post a rejection in the forum because it usually wastes the valuable screeners time, but as it is impossible to reach the screener, this is my only way of expressing how unfair this rejection is....
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  • Hello there, even though I already appealed I have a question regarding this rejection. First of all it is impossible to reach the screener. Even though it says so in every single JetPhotos Submission results email that by replying I'd be able to get in touch, it just never works. But that is not the point of this post.

    This is the rejection:
    Serial number is apparently incorrect. TGEE028 seems to be not suitable, even though shows this serial albeit without the zero. 79-27 is multiple times on Jetphotos with the serial being TGEE027. Example:

    I don’t see why TGEE028 is suddenly not acceptable, as I used 79-27 serial on the DB as reference. Any ideas on what I can do? Any thoughts?
    Thank your for your time and effort
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