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  • Julian

    Thank you for the vote on the leveling. Unfortunately, this was meant to go out at the time that I shot it but due to a ground stop at it's destination, there was a 2 hour delay and that was something I could not wait around for. The ground crew obviously left the ladder there for some reason. This was not shootable in any other location so it was unfortunately unavoidable at the time. I'll just have to wait for it to come back another time.

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  • I had a couple of questions regarding this image to prescreen.

    - The horizon - I used the white vertical immediately right of the C2 sign - is this the right one to use? There are so many verticals and horizontals in this image that give different results and I really am not sure of which one to use - please can a screener let me know which would be the correct vertical/horizontal to use if this is not the right one.
    - Secondly - and I'm hoping not because it is a really special aircraft and scheme - is the ladder by the front landing gear obstruction?


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  • Too little - cloudy conditions are causing lack of contrast.
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