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  • To be honest, it would take quite a lot in Lightroom to negate the vignette in these photos, not saying it is impossible but it would be highly unlikely that any vignette edits/counteractions can produce an acceptable photo on the jet photos database. As stated by Alex, in the future using aperture f/8 will help immensely in making sure that you will have much less vignette or no vignette in your future photos
    Never hesitate to ask on the forum for tips and tricks, I am sure there are already some threads on here that will help you to figure out what will work best for you, your equipment, and ultimately jet photos.

    Hope this helps and happy spotting...
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  • Not a screener, but if you use the 'Check for Dust' tool when you look at a rejection link or a link of a photo already in the queue you can CLEARLY see that corners of these photos are darker than the rest of the photo as you can see. These rejections would be justified based on what I see.

    Some suggestions would be using F/8 or F/9. I've noticed when using one or either of these aperture numbers I get less darkening of the edges. Also when taking photos I try not to have the aircraft full the whole frame so that when I crop/center the aircraft, I have a little room to work with and can eliminate any vignette that may be visible...
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