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  • Sorry, I must've misunderstood. I was hoping to reupload the photo, but I don't want to make any changes to the image itself and was after a more detailed reason behind the rejection for more understanding to it. I understand now that it's against the forum rules to ask for feedback after an appeal. My bad.
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  • Thanks for the feedback.

    Wasn't 100% sure where to put something like this but I have a query regarding an appeal result.

    This was recently rejected for a similar photo -

    I, however, beg to differ; The only attributes that same I see in this is the aircraft and possibly lighting. However, everything else is significantly different in my opinion; the background, angle, state, lighting (to an extent).

    After the appeal, I was led to the upload guidelines. which I then linked that the only reason for the appeal would be the point of:

    'Similar refers to:
    - a photo taken from the same sequence the same day e. landing, taxiing, ramp parking or take off'. Regarding that, the photo already in the database was taxiing and the photo rejected was being pushbacked, and considering ramp parking and taxiing are different I'd assume pushback and taxi are different. Im only bringing...
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  • Thanks for the reply, one other thing, the photo at the bottom was owned by Mount Cook Airline and operated by Air New Zealand, but since then Air New Zealand now has full ownership of the link fleet. So there writing 'Operated by Mount Cook Air' was removed from below the Star Alliance logo. Would either of those points be enough to differ the two uploads?
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  • Afternoon everyone, quick question; would the following image be rejected for being similar to the one below it?
    Thought I'd check considering the two different backgrounds....
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