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  • This picture was rejected for "jpg compression artifacts". This is the first time ever I have this rejection and all my previous accepted photos (even 2 of the very same batch) were exported with the same settings as this one. What is wrong with this photo (I can not see anything distinguishing on my screen or I don't know there to look) and how do you avoid it? Could it be cause of a relatively big cropping of a picture taken already in a crop-camera (Canon 7d)? Thanks!...
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  • Hello! I took this picture of a Vologda Air Yak-40 and I don't know if it belongs into "special scheme" category or not. Vologda Air have 5 active Yak-40's now and each one has a different scheme.
    One is grey, another is white and red logo, one more white has only one thin blue stripe and no logo, 4th is grey with blue stripes of different shades of blue and here is this one. Every plane is unique, there is no standart airline livery. ...
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  • Thanks! Would you please check this image for halos/bad editing? LR tool shows a thin outline around the aircraft, but I can not see any on my screen.
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  • Hello! I still struggle with perspective and get a number of rejections for "horizon unlevel", for example this photo: Could you please explain what point/object should I take as a reference point for a horizon? Here I marked my reference verticals/horizontals with red lines:

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