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  • Hi all,

    Off-late most of my uploads are getting rejected due to 'Digital Manipulation'. Even today, one of the uploaded images that got rejected for the very same reason.

    Here is the heads-up of my normal editing procedure that I have been following for these many years.

    1.) Check for dust spots
    2.) Exposure
    3.) Increase or Decrease contrast
    4.) Improve on the sharpness and
    5.) Resize

    This is pretty much my standard procedure.

    Now, despite these procedures, I'm getting images rejected for this very same reason.

    The above image is the latest example of 'Digital Manipulation Rejection'.

    I would request the screeners to help me out on this as to what I'm missing out in editing that is leading to the said problem.

    Sreenivas Subramaniam...
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  • I got it now. Thank you very much for your response. This gives some idea of how the editing should be done for these images....
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  • The last two shots taken from the terminal has no glass reflections. I checked it properly. I also didn't use the saturation tool for the JetStar Asia image at all....
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  • Hello Dlowwa,

    Thank you very much for your swift response.

    How about some of these that were taken from inside the HongKong International Airport Terminal? A few of them that were uploaded here got rejected due to Contrast and the other for Bad Color

    All Nippon Airlines B767-300



    Jet Star Asia A320



    I would like to know your thoughts on these above images as well.

    Sreenivas Subramaniam...
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  • Are These Images Non-Starters?

    Hello all,

    Hope you are all doing good and safe at home.

    This post is for all the screeners out here.

    Recently, I had many images rejected with reasons ranging from too much or too little contrast, digital manipulation, backlit to name a few. I'm sharing with you all some of the pre-edited and the uploaded version of these images below.

    These were taken in Hong Kong last year. The weather that day was mixed with light drizzle and sunshine later.

    Swiss B777-300ER



    Similarly, here is another image was taken on the same day.

    Cargolux B747-800F



    Apart from these, there are lots more that were uploaded and got rejected. These are just the samples to give you all an idea of how the images were taken and edited accordingly.

    Now, I would like...
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