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  • Got it! Thanks again for your reply Mark!...
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  • Hi Mark, really appreciate your reply, but I'm still a bit confused. The line you said under the winglet was the boundary of the airport, and it was parallel to the runway. However, when I took this photo, the aircraft was still lining up to runway, which means it hadn't lined up yet, so I think under this circumstance, this line cannot be considered as a reference. Maybe I'm wrong but that's my thoughts. How do you think about it?...
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  • Hi guys, I've recently been slightly confused by a rejection. This photo was rejected for horizon unlevel. Could anyone tell me that for this kind of photo which buildings in the frame are all short, far away, and the horizon itself is not clear due to jagged mountains in the distance, how can I know whether the horizon is level or not. The screener who screened this photo commented that the photo needs clockwise rotation, I also wonder how this conclusion was drawn. Looking forward to your reply!...
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