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  • Awesome, thank you! I changed it to manual for ISO and will play with the ISO settings to better understand my camera. Are there any other camera-related tips that you'd recommend checking out/doing?

    Thank you...
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  • Thank you for the response! Definitely a noob with photography and editing and have no issues leaving these photos in the reject pile as I learn to take and edit better ones.

    I currently have the camera set to ISO-A or auto ISO sensitivity control. I have the other sensitivity settings set to a max of 1600 with an auto min shutter speed. ISO sensitivity is set to Hi 1 between the options of Hi 1 and 6400. I tried attaching a photo, but it may have not let me due to it being a RAW?

    Thanks again for the help!...
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  • Question About Camera Setup - Photos Turn Out Soft

    Hello! First post here and if anything needs to be changed, please let me know!

    After submitting my first five to JetPhotos and having them rejected, I used the reasons to attempt to improve my shots/edits. Recently submitted some photos and they were rejected too. Main reasons for the most recent rejections were Undersharpened/Soft and often also Underexposed/Dark.

    Current camera setup is a Nikon D3200 with an AF-S Nikkor 55-200mm 1:4-5.6G ED lens. I usually have it set to an aperture of F9 or F8 and have my photo quality set to Fine and Raw (but I edit and submit the Raws). When I crop the Raw photos then reduce them to 1 pixel below my current maximum width of 1280, the photos lose a fair amount of quality.

    Any tips in either taking the photos or in editing to get the best results and have my photos [hopefully] approved?

    Attached is the link to a few of the photos that I had submitted before and after editing in case it helps (both...
    Post with 0 views. Photo vs Rudimentary Edits
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