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  • Just by any chance, do you know how this vignetting could be caused without even processing the picture?
    And another little question, today I resubmitted a picture with an higher resolution, is there any way of checking the status of the resubmission? Will I get an E-Mail? If yes Ill have to get in contact with your team as I haven't been getting Mails for ages now which I don't care about when it comes to screening but is quite tricky with appeals.
    Thanks and best regards...
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  • Jesus, what the was a dreaming of whilst editing the QR, centering and Dust Spots are steps 2&3 of my workflow and that dust spot was freaking huge.
    Fixed it now:

    EDIT: This is no question for prescreening, I know the pic is in the queue and so on, but I would love to know what the heck happened to that pic if you put it into the equalized version?!
    Link is:
    As said before I know that would cause an immediate 'vignetting not allowed' oder 'bad postprocessing' rejection, but I would just like to get what the hell happened so that he equalized version looks like that, do you have any guesses or hints?...
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  • ​​​Good morning,
    I would love to see your opinion on the following pics, I think they should go through but I am concerned about Easy Jets crop.

    The light on the following one is extremely trashy but I would still like to see it accepted as it's the only QR oneworld c/s I got, I hope it has got enough contrast to get accepted....
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  • Thanks, Dana. I added few more contrast to 1 and added it with 1400px to the queue, should be acceptable. Same goes for 2-4, I sharpened them up and uploaded them with 1250px and it actually looks quite crisp so I don't think they'll cause problems.

    Already in advance, if they all get accepted, I'll finally reach the 100 accepted pics mark, which I would have never got to of if it wasn't you constantly sticking by and checking my pictures for any issues. All in all, a very big thank you.
    Best regards,
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  • Good evening Dana.
    Thanks a bunch, corrected the issues, let's see if they're okay now . Would be great as they'd mark my imagines 97, 98, 99 and 100 in the database haha.
    Best regards and stay safe!

    EDIT: Omfg I just checked the settings and saw that the cockpit shot was not even sharpened...
    The cockpit is now perfectly sharp but the area around the left pedals and the footmat looks indeed very soft, and could cause a reject, what would you say?

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  • Morning Dana, if this ain't enough contrast I don't know what to do, I added +35 Contrast in Lightroom, reduced the blacks and pushed the highlights a bit so that the contrast would be visible good enough in the histogramm.

    Also I found this old SWISS A343 shot which would be really nice to see accepted, but even though reduced to 1200px it seems a tad soft at the SWISS letterings, so I would be grateful if you could give me your opinion on it. Exactly the same goes for the other two.
    Thanks in advance and stay safe,
    Lars Kämena...
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  • Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
    I am Lars Kämena, one of the guys who commented under the penultimate screeners choice.
    First of all I want to clarify that my purpose was NEVER to hurt anyone, not a screener who voted for the pic nor the photographer himself, namely Mister Liander. That's why I want to deeply apologize if that happened in some way. Also I didn't want to spread 'negative energy' nor I wanted to discredit the decision of the screeners in any way. The comment just reflects my personal thought on the shot and sorry again if it was somehow too direct or anything similar.

    We do, Alex, you're fully correct, and I am a person that smashes the like and comment button comparatively often, with my honest opinion in it, and I do see your point with the spring composition of the picture. But as already written multiple times above, I am not that guy that trolls around and comments random insults, but just his view and I am sorry if I did insult anyone....
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