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  • SamR
    replied to Photo Rejections
    Hi Dlowwa

    Thank you for taking the time to come back to me, I appreciate the feedback on the above rejections and the time taken as I know you are all very busy.

    I have decided for now to take a break from uploading because just lately I have been finding I am not enjoying the hobby as much and I think a part of that is because I have been getting a lot of rejections lately. I appreciate that you and the other screeners need to maintain a level of quality on this site and I think time away will be beneficial to me anyways.
    I may start to upload again in the future.

    I have learned a lot from both other contributors and the screeners here and my photography and editing skills have benefitted from this, so thank you for this....
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  • SamR
    replied to Photo Rejections
    Ah yes not sure how I missed that now. Thank you....
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  • SamR
    started a topic Photo Rejections

    Photo Rejections

    Hoping I can get some advice and clarification as to the reasons why all of a recent batch of uploaded photos have been rejected.

    I have been contributing photos here for more than ten years and recently I have been having a lot of rejections and as far as I can tell I am not doing anything differently. Maybe its my Interpretation of the upload guidelines, but before I simply stop uploading anymore, like many of my friends and previous long term contributors have done I wanted to get some clarification. : please can you tell me where the Cmos is in this photo as I have looked at it three times in photoshop and at least twice using the upload tools and I still can't see it. I accept its possible that I am simply just missing it. : Is this too much or too little contrast, always find this rejection reason a minefield, I would assume its too little,...
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  • Thank you for your quick reply, I suspected as much but wanted to check I wasn't being too critical. Hopefully I will make it for the departure, but its a long drive and its likely to be short notice unfortunately so I guess I will have missed all three of them. Ironic because i've flown on one G-BYGC and never managed to get any of the them.
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  • Unsure if photo will be rejected for clutter

    With the BA retiring the 747s and them flying out at short notice, I made the trip to Heathrow not expecting to be able to get any photos of G-CIVB, as luck would have it the aircraft was moved on Friday and I was lucky enough to get a photo.

    On inspection of the photo later in the day, I noticed that a van was also moving across as the aircraft was towed into the shade and I was only able to get one full frame of the aircraft.

    Before uploading the photo, I wanted to ask if the van was enough for the photo to be rejected, as it is unlikely I will be able to make it to Heathrow for the departure and getting any photos of it on the ground at the moment is extremely difficult with British Airways playing musical chairs with the 747s at the moment.

    Also, as I was unable to log in to my existing account on the forum, I created this new account to ask, please can my old account (SamRpics) be archived if possible.

    Any feedback would be welcome...
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