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  • Appreciate the help Dlowwa, figured the second was backlit, tried my best to fix it. I'll just use another photo I have of it. I'll fix the first one though, thanks for the opinion. I'll get back with the result once its all edited again....
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  • Hello Screeners!

    I'm back with some more prescreening requests before I ship things off to the unusually large queue. Want to make sure everything is right before sending it off on the wait.
    i have this here edited photo of a CalFire S-2 that I was hoping to check if it was sharpened enough. To me it feels like the rear is plenty sharpened but the nose is still a bit soft? Would this be acceptable or how would this have to be fixed? I'm pretty sure it has maxed out the sharpening in lightroom, maybe run it through again? I'm trying to find the best way to do this without introducing JPG compression on it or adding too much noise.
    Also this photo of a Siller CH-54 Skycrane. Was wondering if this would be considered backlit? Also I feel the editing is off (and this one I can guarantee is undersharpened). Just want an opinion on this one as well for the backlit/bad processing maybe.

    Once again thanks ...
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