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  • Hongmng as of 2017 the Embraer 145/170/190 had 25m flight hours cumulatively, so I would guess 30m hours by now.

    page 71; https://assets.publishing.service.go...015_G-EUOE.pdf

    “The aircraft manufacturer (Boeing) estimated that, up to the end of 2002, the in-service fleet of A320-family aircraft had accumulated a total of 15.3 million flight cycles since 1992.”

    I also read the A320 family has had 117 million flight hours but can’t confirm this source.

    you mentioned no aircraft designed in the 21st century has had a fatal crash, but I take it you don’t just mean variants, but variant updates ? Eg the A320 was launched in 1987 and has had fatal accidents, one this year...

    and yes thank you that rate does help ! 0.03 for the Embraer Vs 0.08 for the Boeing but wanted to understand why this is when the jets are much less powerful, and when the plane feels like you’re...
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  • Embraer RJ 190 safest commercial jet in the world? Safest E190 Vs 737-800 please?

    Why is no one talking about the impeccable safety record of the Embraer RJ-190 ? It’s by far the safest plane in the skies statistically ?

    So reading through Aeroinside, Wikepedia, Crash101 and compiling all incidents, ever. There have been 564 Embraers built, and 44 human fatalities involving only a couple of fatal incidents. 33 of these fatalities were due to criminal activity. Now compare this to any other plane. The next safest plane (IMO) is the Boeing 737-800, with 4,500 units built and approximately 500 fatalities. Obviously this is just the -800, not the Max, -700 etc.

    Why is this plane so safe when each time I’ve stepped on it, the engines look one third the size of any other comparable jet and the craft shakes around a fair amount ? These planes have virtually zero fatalities compared to any other plane, especially the A320 family.

    So could a pilot compare the safety record of the Embraer RJ 190 to the Boeing 737-800 for me please...
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