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  • Registration wih the most amount of photos.

    I was thinking, is there a way to see which plane/registration has the most amount of photos on the DB? I thought about this and now i'm really curious....
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    • This one is indeed really soft and might also be a bit blurry, unfortunately it can't be fixed. f/8 is usually the sweetspot for our type of photography, so you might wanna keep the aperture set as this for most of the time.
    • Overprocessing rejections are most of the times caused by the halos you saw on the check for dust tool, they usually appear by messing too much with dehaze, boosting shadows or clarity. But without seeing how you edit your shots, there's no way to pinpoint exactly what you are doing that's causing them.
    • Bad compositions are usually the first rejection you get when you decide to upload here. Always center the photo using the fuselage and crop the image close to the plane, but not too much close. Make sure you're also croping each side of the plane the same distance.
    The best scenario is to always have your shots well exposed right after taking them, but you can always fix a (not too much) over/underexposed shot in editing, just make sure you are not creating halos...
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