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  • Thanks for the reply. I can't even see them lol. I see a slight white shading around the left red Dornier tail in the 'check dust feature' , but I never did anything to that part of the photo, just on the Beech. Strange...
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  • Morning all, Had a couple of rejections today, and I just need some help and advice so I can learn effectively and try and improve the quality of my images.

    1. This has been rejected for visible halo's, I just can't see them, if someone can point them out, that would be great. It also was rejected for horizon unlevel. The horizon is level, I have used the tail bar as that will be plumb as well as the tail chain on VH-FFJ behind. The aircraft is not sitting level; as its on grass. Would this be advisable for an appeal?

    2. This was rejected for Dark/Underexposed. This was in late afternoon light, I have increased the exposure when I uploaded it, I'm surprised it was rejected as it looked good. Worth an appeal?

    Look forward to any replies. After my dressing down with how I posted before and complained, I in know way want to offend or be a pain,...
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  • Your post above answers nothing. I notice you are quite vocal on here, and again as per many other comments, this doesnt help, how am I meant to learn. I don’t post everyday and its normally about a rejection or explanation. Why haven't I been notified that the post has been deleted? That would be a courteous thing to do....
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  • Post's being deleted with no notification

    Morning all,

    My post's are being deleted after asking for advice, I've had my last three post's removed. Can a Moderator explain to me why this is happening please?

    Many thanks...
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  • Many thanks for your comments. The photo was accepted on appeal
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  • Morning all again, another small whinge..

    This picture was rejected for horizon unlevel, but it is level and for contrast, I thought it was correct?

    I have made comments to screeners before when uploading photos here in Australia. Living here for six years now (originally from England) the attention to detail and level of workmanship on roads and buildings is be polite...not the best. Lampposts are wonky, fences are not level or even and some buildings that have aged shift (something to do with the soil if you believe that). This picture I have used the jack at the back of the Cessna as it should be plumb, and three lamp posts that are even. Is this just a mistake by a Screener?

    Many thanks and keep up the great work.

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  • David Tweddle | Advice regarding photo editing

    Morning all,

    I seem to be hit and miss with my photos being accepted lately. Most rejections are for 'Under sharpened' (Soft) while others are being accepted (even though the photo distance is the same, aircraft position is next to each other, settings on camera the same etc.). This photo was rejected today for the above (Under sharpened [soft]) and for Heat Distortion.

    This photo was taken at about 0900hrs, the temperature was 4c, the distance was the same, as was settings of other pictures that were accepted. Can someone point out to me, where its soft and where the heat distortion is please? At full resolution, the picture is quite clear and I have use DXO Photolab 5 Elite for my editing.

    Look forward to advice and comments, many thanks from a sunny Brisbane, Queensland.
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