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  • So if I upload the picture again but as a ramp shot as stated in the first rejection, which I understand was a mistake meaning the picture should have been accepted, and fixing the dust spots the shot will be accepted ?

    But the question I still have is why I get completly different rejection reasons after fixing the first issue ?...
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  • Hello, I just received my second rejection on this picture, but this time I got a lot more rejection reasons than last time. Last time see picture I only got one reason, a wrong airline Airport overview instead of Ramp shot, on my first rejection, and now all of a sudden I get a lot more reasons even though I uploaded the same exact picture. I do accept the fact that there are dust spots on the picture, but they aren't visible unless checking for dust, but the BAD Info rejection and the category reason do not make any sense to me.

    The question that I am asking myself is how I get very different rejection reasons for the same exact picture ?

    The link attached is the most recent rejection and the picture is the previous rejection which is more than 14 days old, so there is no longer a link.

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