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  • Hello, want to see if you all could help me with some pre-screen advice on the following photo:...
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  • To everyone that responded. Cannot express my appreciation enough to all of you. I just had another opportunity as I was driving up north and made a stop at JFK to get some photos. Tried the M mode and the Av mode that was suggested. After playing around a bit, I found that I was most comfortable shooting in Av mode with f8 like someone suggested above. In either case, just wanted to say thanks to all those that responded as it was extremely helpful to a newbie like me.
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  • Hi all,

    In reading the upload guidelines, it seems that we need to ensure that the aircraft is centered within the frame and is level to a reference horizon. How does one handle this requirement for shots taken of aircraft as they are on their descent/ascent to/from the airport?

    I just shot the attached photo and I'm pretty sure it would fail/get rejected for either centering or composition. So, does one give up on a photo like this? Or is this an actual way to salvage it for submittal?...
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