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Ka Hung Yue
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  • Hello,

    The photo of A6-EFH was rejected due to Undersharpened. However, I have already sharpened the photo and using the output sharpening feature before uploading it to Jetphotos, I'm not sure how to adjust it.

    The 1st attachment (DSC_2781-2.jpg) is the rejected photo (size: 1280 * 854)
    The 2nd attachment (DSC_2781-4.jpg) is the original size of the photo
    The 3rd attachment (DSC_2781-5.jpg) is the photo with higher output sharpening (size: 1280 * 854)

    Comparing to the 1st photo, is the 2nd photo sharp enough?
    Is the 3rd photo is better than the first one?

    If the 2nd photo is better than the 1st photo, it means that the output process has an issue, because I can't maintain the sharpness of the photo. Am I right...?

    Besides, I'm not sure how to define a photo is undersharpened or not. As I sharpened the photos with the same method, most of them were accepted and some of them were rejected. Is there any guideline...
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  • Thanks for your advice!
    I adjected the sharpening and contrast, is it better now...?...
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  • Ka Hung Yue
    started a topic Rejection help

    Rejection help


    I uploaded a photo of JA874J recently and was rejected due to Undersharpened (Soft) and Too much or too little contrast. After appeal, the admin comments that the photo is definitely a bit too soft.

    However, I've sharpened the photo before uploading it to Jetphotos, as you can see the no. (874) on the front landing gear is quite sharp and clear.
    It makes me quite confused...

    the cropped photo above can see the words are clear, but is it not enough?

    What should I do to improve the photo quality and makes it becomes sharper?

    Thank you everyone for your help and sorry for my bad English,
    Ka Hung Yue...
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