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  • Yeah, exactly, it's enough to get your photo to the 4th most popular and then people are going to click it, but notice that if you hadn't put it on your ig, it wouldn't even appear on the 4th position. The other photos you uploaded at the same time only got ~100 views or less so saying that this one "fairly" got 400 views in 2 hours (this kind of fits into "few hundred people" who viewed the ig story, and even the "few dozens" who clicked on the link) is treating everyone like idiots who will believe that it is accidental the photo made it there...

    But if you want to use your social media power to get views on JP, do this as much as you want to, but be aware others are not able to use the same method which just makes it unfair, even if you put it on your ig for "mere two hours". But who knows, why don't I start caring for my JP views and do something to grow my instagram account, maybe buy some followers for example... ...
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  • Yes, it does. But sharing it with your limited group of friends say on facebook or in group chats is a different thing than sharing it on a 30K+ IG account.

    Look at the forum thread I linked above - clearly the site administrators are not okay with that and since there has been a case like this before, I'd consider it a precedent - "Steve has been contacted and hopefully the situation will improve".

    Well, taking advantage of your big IG following just for the sake of it and so that everybody knows you are the best kinda speaks for itself, also considering the psychological advice thing.

    So I guess we can't really do anything about it with this attitude... That's pretty sad, it would be nice to go back to times when top of the day shots were actually based by views on the site and not the number of followers on social media. And if you don't see anything wrong about it... I'm sorry for that...
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  • Today's most popular - a competition for reach on SM?

    I recently stumbled upon this topic and I thought that taking advantage in the number of followers you have on instagram is not a right thing to do when it comes to getting to today's most popular and it made me create an account on the JP forum to voice my opinion. I personally never had a photo in today's most popular because I don't have a chance to promote my photos to such a reach as some people with over 30k followers on social media have. And today I saw the same thing as described in the topic above - look at the attached photo, this guy is not even trying to be discreet about his will to get to today's most popular and I think this is really sad that this honour of having your photo there is not so legitimate anymore as it can be easily cheated by such people. I'd really appreciate if someone from the JP crew could have a look at this and I'm sorry I might be posting this in a wrong category, I'm new here.
    Link to the...
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