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  • Hello, can I have an opinion of this photo? Thanks

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  • I had no doubts before this rejection because I relied on what is indicated in the guide. Which says differently from what has been said now. That's fine for me and there are no problems, but wouldn't it be much better to implement the guide with the correct and up-to-date information?...
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  • Okay, but the angle is still very different. I relied exclusively on what is indicated in the upload guidelines:

    "2.6 Similar

    Means that you have a similar photo already in the database. Please upload only your best photos, try to be creative. Similar refers to:
    - a photo taken from the same sequence the same day e. landing, taxiing, ramp parking or take off
    - same registration, similar angle or composition or same background taken on different dates.
    - Close up views and full or partial views of an a/c taken at the same angle, are generally considered similar.

    If a new upload is of a significantly better quality, we may consider accepting it.

    We will only accept a certain number of cockpit or window shots taken in the same aircraft (normally no more than two)."

    The second point speaks of "similar angle" and not "same side", they seem to me two different concepts,...
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  • Hi, I have a question about this rejection, nothing to say about the cropping of the photo, I took wrong references and therefore I was wrong. But how can it be considered similar to this other one? Different date, different light, totally different angle. In the one already loaded it is photographed from the front and from top to bottom, in the second from the tail and from the bottom up. What are the objective criteria for considering a photo similar to an other one?

    For the avoidance of doubt, I want to clarify that there is no controversy in my request, only the desire to understand.
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