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  • Fine, there is 2nd version when sun is further down, so expose was 2 steps longer.

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  • Starosta - Editing Advice/(Pre)screening

    Hi all,

    Although, I'm shooting planes for some time, I started to upload only recently. Personally, I like photos that were taken in not ideal conditions: low light (night/evening), bad weather, etc.. Now, some questions.

    Photo #1.

    Evening shot (I think ~30 min after sunset). Bright sky, dark airfield with gray planes. This photo was rejected with reason: "Dark/Underexposed". But it is "night photo", I'm puzzled how to make it "normal", higher expose will make sky not very natural/overexposed.

    Photo #2.

    This one was rejected due to "too much or too little contrast".

    Again, rain + ba weather, so background indeed has little contrast, on the other side side - I think the plane itself fine. Any comments?

    Photo #3/4.
    I'm in doubt, shall I try to upload them at all.

    P.S. I wanted to hide photos...
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