How strict is rule 2.6 of the Upload Guidelines?

(Means that you have a similar photo already in the database. Please upload only your best photos, try to be creative. Similar refers to:
- a photo taken from the same sequence the same day e. landing, taxiing, ramp parking or take off
- same registration, similar angle or composition or same background taken on different dates.
- Close up views and full or partial views of an a/c taken at the same angle, are generally considered similar.

If a new upload is of a significantly better quality, we may consider accepting it.

We will only accept a certain number of cockpit or window shots taken in the same aircraft (normally no more than two).)

I have a couple photos of the same aircraft. One aircraft has a new livery (Iceland Air), the other is the same plane just a different scenario landing vs taxiing. Would these be rejected for Rule 2.6?