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  • Great, thanks for the help, I'll simply move on from that one

    Yeah I didn't realise I'd managed to blow the highlights so much, I messed that one up in post, clearly. I'm still a little lost on the obstruction / foreground clutter thing, as it doesn't seem to meet the criteria. In fairness it probably does meet the criteria for crappy background, but I thought I'd give it a go and show where I got to on recovering this one, if the consensus is weather rubbish, background rubbish, don't waste my time any more, that's fair enough, I'll move on

    Ok! Thanks!

    I had another look, I don't think this is recoverable. I've performed some recentering and trying to bring up the colour, but my opinion is this might be deemed destructive, and I will never change the weather, in any case, here is the re-work for completeness

    Alright! That's clear, I'll move on then!

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  • Royce_
    started a topic Editing advice - Royce_

    Editing advice - Royce_

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, so please go easy

    I submitted a few photos and received a few rejections, so I thought I would seek advice, try and make myself a better photographer, lick my wounds a bit, and maybe in the process of it all, learn to hit the x key a little more in LR!

    Now I'll be the first to admit that nothing I submitted absolutely knocked me off my seat, but I thought after browsing this website idly for years, I'd give it a go, see what I could do. In retrospect, I can see all the rejection reasons as pretty damn valid, so these questions are more from the point of view of "what should I be doing?" and "how can I make myself a better photographer?" rather than seeking sympathy. I'm seeking to up my game here.

    I'll go through the some of the rejections first (some I will probably discard out of hand), and then of course take the advice and probably come back with some potential candidates to see what you...
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