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  • Hi, I saw this that a friend sent. I just wanted to ask, how is it that something is soft AND oversharpened? Can't seem to wrap my head around it.
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  • Hey There,

    Thanks for the reply. From the points you mentioned, I already follow them. I have concluded that the batch that these pics are from, are indeed soft from the raw. I have a few newer batches since then of which I have improved on From previous posts in this thread, pics are ultimately soft after the resizing, as dlowwa have pointed out, the issue may be due to the fact that I have been editing photos using Adobe Lightroom on my android tablet, and not PC.

    The order that I have been doing things so far:
    1. crop the pic,(mostly 16:9)
    2. turn on dehaze and clarity to clear dust spots, then turn them back down
    3. lighting - contrast, whites, blacks, exposure etc
    4. turn up some sharpness
    5. export as 1280p width

    So I do it all in one go, because from some previous experiences, I fear that's how some compression artifacts may appear in the sky. Not sure if it should be done in a different order. .I never export...
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  • I see, thank you for the input....
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  • Hi,

    Not asking for prescreening advice this time, but a question on software used.

    I have a history of having photos rejected due to being soft. In earlier exchanges in this post shows that my pics are soft from the start. In newer batch of photos after that, I adjusted some settings to have pics come out a bit more sharper. However, I am not sure anymore if pics are sharp enough or not from the start, and I don't want to bombard the forums/this post with a few pics every few days. As mentioned above, I use Adobe Lightroom, and export images at 16:9 at 1280px wide. After export the image would look pretty soft and smaller words on aircraft is possibly blurred.

    So, sort of continuing from one part last time and, I just wanted to ask:
    1. is this software limitation?
    2. I currently edit photos on mobile/android, on my tablet, would it make a difference if I switch to something like PS and edit it on desktop?
    3. Lightroom or PS?...
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