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  • Hello, I have had a string of rejections recently and just want to touch up on the standards of screening, so just wanted a general pre-screen for this. Thanks....
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  • Hi there, I just wanted some clarification for this rejection. It was rejected for both heat haze, as well as "Window Glare/Dirt". I guess I can understand heat haze, though it is certainly very slight if there is any at all to my untrained eyes. But it is the window glare/dirt reason which confuses me. I had always thought, and looked on the guidelines to confirm, that that reason applied if the photo was taken from the inside of a building/through glass. It is obvious that I wasn't doing that here. If it is referring to the glare of the sun on the aircraft itself, then I feel that that should be made more obvious on the guidelines, since unless I am again misunderstanding, only focuses on taking pictures through glass. There are also no examples for this entry. Sorry if this is a little petty but it just seems unclear. Thanks....
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