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  • You're all good! The 737NG/MAX is basically like a hybrid of technology - you've got the glass screens, modern FMC and GPS, however a lot of the aircraft's operating logic and general design of the aircraft (and cockpit) is from the 60s/70s. In Boeings after the 757/767 (so the 747-400, 777 and 787), it automatically tunes the ILS frequency and heading for you. So, a lot more technology is used on those models. Airbus however is in some ways more straight forward.
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  • G'day there! So, indeed put in the ILS frequency for the runway that you're landing on. However, you must do another step right before that. Each runway that has an ILS has a heading associated with it, usually the runway heading. This is so the aircraft's navigation system knows which direction to fly towards the ILS. You can find this heading in two places - in the 'APPROACH' page in your FMC, on the left-hand side. You must have the arrival routing and procedure programmed in first in order to see it. You can also find this on the charts for the procedure. Once you have that heading, you must put that heading into the 'course' windows on your MCP, which is what the two knobs and windows at both far sides of the panel are for (should say 'COURSE' right above the window). Make sure to put that number into both windows. Once that's done, the aircraft should fly towards the runway when you have captured the localizer.
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