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  • Don't be shy with your editing software and pull the contrast slider until you see some defined blacks on the dark areas of the plane. This is better if you use RAW format at the moment of editing. If you notice some halos or overprocesing artifacts after adding contrast the photo will be likely unfixable. Try to edit a different one or take the picture again another day with better camera settings.
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  • Record this in your mind bro. Do not upload photos taken on cloudy, rainy, or low-sunlight days. Also, do not take photos with the sun in front of you. Personally I think that this kind of pictures don't look bad at all, your photo looks acceptable for an average user, but lately JP and many other platforms like this don't like pictures with low contrast and the absence of sun. Take a look at the homepage and you will see 90% of the pictures there are taken on sunny days.
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