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  • Hey,

    both of you guys are possibly right, thats also what I found out so far. The 150-600 is apparently also pretty bad at vignetting but others with the same lens seem to not have the issue on a full frame camera whilst others do.. I still think it's strange that it doesnt happen in every situation, I have pictures with blue skies and the correction works fine as the vignette doesnt seem to be too strong. I tend to believe it might have to do with the camera too. Will have to try the lenses on another full frame body to rule out the body, and then maybe have the lenses checked if they are operating as they should. Does anyone else experience such a strong vignette and can give me some insight on how they handle it or if that amount is out of the ordinary?

    cheers and thanks!
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  • Vignetting Problem - Help Needed

    Hello there,

    I sometimes have a vignetting issue with my camera / lenses and I don't know how to get rid of that. As far as I know vignetting is more visible with blue skies and thats where I have the issue, yet not always. I also have the issue with a bit more bland/ whiter / greyer skies, it shows basically more prominent when there is no real background or there are no clouds in the background. I experienced the issue with my Canon 28-300 L lens as well as with my 150-600 Sigma Sports for Canon. But as already said not everytime. I had situations where it was in every shot of the sequence but not with every different aircraft on the same day and only minutes apart and I had situations where it was not on every picture of the same sequence whilst the angle only changed slightly.

    I am worried what to do as the in camera lens correction is on. Also, but that is an additional problem, the lens correction in Photoshop/ Camera Raw overcorrects or does not correct...
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