Hey my friend.

We all know that the forum has changed ALOT since the past 12 years. So, it just has happened, that another person requested my clearence because she (!) likes to be my subscriber. And I cleared her request.

Probably I should introduce her to the three of us. It is Carol, from Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada, near CYVR Intl airport.

But like in the real world, always 2 people are important. So, how do I ask her to be my subscriber, no, that has just happened.

How can I be her subscriber, and afaik, her very first jetphotos subscriber!

She is still a jetphotos Junior member, although, the avatar which she carries with her rather seems like an ole lady..
But to be my friend you are never too old, that was what I said when we became subscribers of each other, did I .

Very dear greetings!!