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    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for 3WE
    Sorry, I only very rarely try to disturb friends when they are not online. I swear, this monday only once more.

    Just now when I'm writing these words above there is an illuminated sign:

    So, it seems to be that I have already asked you so that I can be your subscriber.

    I have again visited Carol's profile, and there,
    the same knob says
    "Pending" .

    So, it seems as if I have asked her so that I can be her very first jetphotos subscriber, but she has not yet answered.

    Welcome to the world of jetphotos. Isn't it thrilling!

    PS: Tonight, I almost feel like in the cockpit of Randazzo's LH-B744 simulator..! Illuminated knobs overhead, which tell you, just wait a second, apu running, but that is not enough, you'll also have to close the circuit before you use the cut/off switches for eng 1 to 4 ...
    Wait a second before the circuit of subscribers is closed.
    Yes, that's the task of a pilot. We wait until she gives us the clearance!

  • 3WE
    I looked around and I see what’s up. You and In The Shade are subscribed. I now realize that what this really means is that (by the website definitions) we used to be friends, but are now termed subscribers. does not matter to me. Happy 747 simming.

  • 3WE
    Did I reply earlier? I don’t really pay attention to “subscriptions”
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