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  • B7772ADL
    replied to Camera advice
    Hi, the first question I would ask is whether you want to upload photos to JetPhotos or whether you are just taking photos for yourself or to post on social media. If you want to upload to JP, then i'd strongly recommend looking at a DSLR set up instead. If you look at second hand equipment you can find some very good value equipment that will allow you to maximise image quality. If you are looking at taking photos just for yourself then I'm sure that camera will be pretty adequate.
    Just a word of warning though, you say you want to take photos of aircraft at 1000ft - 5000ft. If you are intending to upload to JP you will probably notice that there are very, very few accepted uploads of this type. Most side on images in the air of aircraft are taken at up to just a few hundred feet. At 1000ft and on, you will be subject to a lot of atmospheric conditions such as heat distortion which will destroy the photo and it wont be uploadable.
    As for settings, there are many posts here...
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  • Hi, firstly, well done for asking on the forums on how to improve your photos for acceptance. I understand you would like a more comprehensive explanation from the screeners about your rejections. Unfortunately we simply don't have the time and resource to be able to do this for everyone. We get 2,000-3,000 uploads a day currently with an overall rejection rate of about 40%, so you could imagine how much it would slow down the screening process. This is why we ask you to come here for advice, and indeed you can also ask for pre-screening before you submit your photos to the queue.
    I'll try and give you some clues now, although a link to your rejection would help also.

    1. Bad composition: The aircraft is too low in the frame. You ideally want the centre of the fuselage in the centre of the frame.
    2. Dark: Probably not helped by the dark vegetation in the background, but the overall exposure/brightness needs increasing. If you shot the photo raw then this is much...
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