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  • Thank you Alex...
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  • This is not a nice and fair approach to spotters. Help should be given regardless of age, religion, nationality or race.

    I do not understand why this approach is taking place. Rules have been updated and clearly explained.
    For me this is the starting point and means RESET. From here on who abides by the rules is fair play. Who does not risks being banned....
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  • Dear All

    I have been away from JP for a while. I like the new look and graphics of JP but do not like the way my prescreening help is systematically ignored and left in the sidelines for days.

    Now that you have made crystal clear that politeness and education are the basis of forum posts, I think you need to reset the situation and give everybody the same service in the prescreening forum. A “simple vanilla” first come first serve produces no doubts and no advantages. Clearly if someone from now on is rude or uses foul language, out of the ball game. This kids club approach (you are not my friend and I will not play with you) is sincerely ridiculous and unprofessional. At work I don’t agree with all my colleagues and certainly do not like all of them. Nonetheless I work with them to get things moving forward.

    Jetphotos is website for professional / amateur photographers. Let’s make our hobby something enjoyable where we can share experience
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  • Hello Screeners

    Sorry for starting a new thread but I truly could not find my previous thread even using the search function.
    In any case thanks to Dana for providing the direct link.
    Well back to business in the correct thread.

    As I said I have been away from spotting for a while and just got back - quite rusty. Is this photo OK for upload?
    Thank you and regards...
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