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  1. Which is a better lens for night spotting?

    Hello, I would like to invest on a new lens for spotting. I'm confused between Canon 70-200 F4L ii IS or Tamron 70-200 F2.8 VC G2. I'm wondering if F2.8 is really necessary for night photography, but...
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    Rejected Post

    Hello, I just uploaded this photo to jetphotos, and it got rejected for bad info, i got confused which one is the registration and which one is the serial number, according to
  3. But when i search a similar aircraft owned by the...

    But when i search a similar aircraft owned by the same operator, it shows that the registrstion starts with "7010_" 17553
    From the picture it shows that the serial number is 70105, it is in the same...
  4. Screener reject my photo with the reason of bad info when i complete all blank space

    17531 I fill in everything, including registration and the serial number. But I don't understand why it is rejected as Bad info
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