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  1. Unique Footage from Inside the Brussels Airport Control Tower | Beautiful views of th

    2 weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Brussels Airport Control Tower! Every year, Skeyes (Belgocontrol) allows a small group of people inside their Control Tower and high level air...
  2. Departing Brussels Airport on a Beautiful Day with Brussels Airlines | Great view of

    Here is a some on-board footage from my departure at Brussels Airport with Brussels Airlines on a beautiful, sunny morning! With a beautiful view of Brussels City, Enjoy the video :-)...
  3. Empty Boeing 747 Rocketing out of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol | Cargolux Full Throttle

    Here is an impressive fast lift-off from a clearly empty Boeing 747 from Cargolux Italia! Cargolux operates a Boeing 747-only fleet of 33 aircraft (15 B744 and 14 B748)
    Enjoy the video :-)
  4. The Liberation Days Airshow part 3 | C-130 Hercules | Hurricane | Lockheed Electra
  5. The Liberation Days Airshow part 2 | B-17 Flying Fortress | Yak 3 | Boomerang | Spitf

    Last week, it were the Liberation Days in Antwerp City and at Antwerp Airport Deurne! A beautiful event and airshow with some stunning WW2 aircraft! This is part 2/3 from the Sunday Airshow featuring...
  6. The Liberation Days Airshow part 1 | Fouga + Red Devils | Bevrijdingsdagen Antwerpen

    Last week, it were the Liberation Days in Antwerp City and at Antwerp Airport Deurne! A beautiful event and airshow with some stunning WW2 aircraft! This is part 1/3 from the Sunday Airshow featuring...
  7. B-17 Flying Fortress Full Show at The Liberation Days | Antwerp Airport | Amazing vie

    Here is the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Taxiing, Taking-Off and Landing at The Liberation Days at Antwerp Airport in Belgium! This plane was already long on my 'most wanted' aircraft list! The Boeing...
  8. China Southern Airbus A380 Full Throttle departure at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol!
    This video features the Take-Off from the China Southern Airbus A380 Superjumbo out of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol! China Airlines operates a fleet of 5...
  9. BEA British Airways Special Colours landing at Brussels Airport Zaventem and more!
  10. Norwegian Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Full Throttle departure at Amsterdam Airpo
  11. Cessna Citation Mustang Landing at Antwerp Airport Deurne and more private jets in ac
  12. Airbus A320NEO landings at Brussels Airport Zaventem | Vueling and Lufthansa

    Here are 2 beautiful Airbus A320Neo's landing at Brussels Airport Zaventem, one owned by Lufthansa and one from Vueling. Enjoy the video :-)
  13. Emirates Boeing 777 Landing and Take-Off at Brussels Airport Zaventem
  14. Brussels Airport Plane Spotting | Rwandair, All Nippon, Brussels Airlines ...

    This video features landing and taxi movements at Brussels Airport Zaventem (Belgium). In this video, you can still see the SU95 from Cityjet and a 737 MAX in action! Enjoy the video :-)
  15. Boeing 737 MAX in Action | Great Footage

    It is impossible to see a Boeing 737 MAX in commercial service today, but 'back in the days' they were flying all over the place! Enjoy ... The Boeing 737 MAX in action! :-)
    All footage recorded in...
  16. Eurowings Airbus A330 Landing, Taxi and Take-Off at Brussels Airport | Flying for Bru
  17. Flying Wing Prototype | Verhees Delta 2B | Antwerp Airport Deurne | Start-Up and Flyp
  18. Plane Spotting at Ostend-Bruges International Airport
  19. Nextgen Partners Pilatus PC-12 Landing & Taxi at Antwerp Airport Deurne | Stampe Fly
  20. Stampe Fly In 2019 | An impressive Saturday at Antwerp Air Deurne
  21. TUI Airlines Belgium Boeing 737 Landing at Brussels Airport | Great views!
  22. Watching Airplanes at Brussels Airport, the heart of Europe | Amazing Traffic!
  23. Corendon Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX Landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  24. 3 Take-Offs at Antwerp Airport Deurne | General Aviation Plane Spotting
  25. TUI Family Life Hotels | Landing & Take-Off at a foggy Ostend-Bruges International Ai
  26. Etihad Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Take-Off at Brussels Airport | Fantastic views
  27. The Mighty Antonov AN-124 Departure at Ostend-Bruges Airport | Start Up and Close-Up
  28. KLM Boeing 787 and 777 Landing Action at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol | Heavy traffic
  29. All Nippon Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Landing and Taxi at Brussels Airport
  30. Cessna CitationJet CJ2 Taxi & Departure at Antwerp Airport Deurne | Beautiful Sunligh
  31. [20 min] Plane Spotting at Brussels Airport | Summer Sunshine Traffic | Heavies Inclu
  32. Embraer Phenom 300 Full Power Departure at Antwerp Airport | Beautiful Sunlight
  33. Flybmi ceases operations | 5 minutes of Landings and Take-Off's
  34. How an Aircraft picks up a Banner | Not an easy operation.
  35. Air Transat Airbus A330-243 Heavy Landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  36. Asiana Airlines Cargo | Boeing 747 landing at Brussels Airport
  37. Edelweiss Air | Airbus A320 Taxiing at Zurich Airport
  38. TUI Airlines Belgium Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner | Landing and Take-off at Brussels Airp
  39. Skyteam Livery | KLM Boeing 777-306(ER) landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  40. Was it wrong to choose the Russian Superjet? Brussels Airlines retires the Sukhoi Sup
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