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  • mtrainer90
    started a topic Wow Air ceases operation

    Wow Air ceases operation

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  • Avia matts
    started a topic How to improv fsx

    How to improv fsx

    Hello people

    This chat is mend to improv your flying experience.
    Do you want real airlines in your fsx world ? go and watch
    : : this video really helped me out
    If you have any tips or whatever ,tell us
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  • mtrainer90
    started a topic The airlines of DTW

    The airlines of DTW

    A video featuring the scheduled passenger airline carriers that serve Detroit metro airport, KDTW
    Air Canada
    Air France
    Alaska airlines
    American Airlines
    Royal Jordanian
    Virgin Atlantic
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  • Australia's newest international?

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if you guys could tell me the most recent international airline to start flight ops to Australia.

    Thanks a lot

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  • International Airport 1:400

    Hello all. My name is Randall and I have been uploading to JP for quite some time now. I wanted to share the other side of the madness. Though not an original creation from scratch, it definitely provides the effect and is about 90% complete at this point. Roughly 40 airlines service my diorama. This model airport is highly modified so as to not take over my entire house and has been reduced to roughly 150 inches long by about 60 inches wide. Hope to add some cargo buildings in the future and touch up the remote international terminal/ parking as well. The remote terminal/ parking is new and nearly complete at this point. I have expanded twice but have pretty much run out of real estate so to speak. I have received my inspiration from the way large airports on the west coast of the U.S. deal with international capacity challenges and have sought to create a similar overflow area. Enjoy! ...
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