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  • Panteley Shmelev - Pre-screening request

    i would like some suggestions on these edits ( I'm planning to upload them to JP) :
    ​ ​ thank you for your comments!...
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  • Confused on the Rejection Decision

    Hello All,
    I have uploaded around 4 pictures taken from the Royal International Air Tattoo Airshow 2017 in which 3 got rejected and 1 got accepted,
    I have added a note to the screener as to why the picture is Hot and its because its taken on one of the worlds Biggest Military Airshows however the rejected reason as to why each picture got rejected after getting a
    Reject into the first upload batch for underexposure and invalid hot however i have fixed the underexposure issue and re uploaded and again got rejected but only this time it was Invalid hot... which started making me think why this got accepted but others classified as in valid hot , anyway i have appealed the rejection only to find out the appeal also got rejected and the screeners comments where ''only one photo of a new reg is considered as hot'' which made me even more confused since this picture is not a new reg...
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  • AIJ70760
    started a topic Horizon unlevel

    Horizon unlevel

    I got this picture rejected 2 times due "Horizon unlevel", the first upload was right and now I made the level with the red & white barrel in the back, with that refference I saw 3 more points of refference to see the picture with the correct horizon but again the rejected veredict was "Horizon unlevel" so my question here is what I need to take as refference to make the Horizon level?...
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  • Thunder over Michigan 2016

    Some ramp shots from Thunder over Michigan 2016 at Willow run, Yip
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