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  • Alitalia Boeing 777-300ER visits CSMIA, Mumbai

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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Alitalia


    I have seen that somebody this year (2018_) already wrote an entry concerning Alitalia. Back then in February, he stated that at Fiumicino they'll delete long haul destinations.

    But since near LIMJ we can observe a huge bunch of shredded concrete, which was not there in February, I have tried to understand what has happened to the (former) Italian flag carrier. This topic btw originally was the reason why I am here in the forum today.

    With Alitalia, It goes way deeper than only a smaller long haul schedule since February 2018. I did what I always like to do, I opened the German wiki for Alitalia. And what did I find. "Alitalia hat im Mai 2017 Insolvenz angemeldet." In English: "Alitalia has published bankruptcy in May 2017." Period. That was the first time when my mouth stood open. That was completely new for me! Alitalia (est. 1946), together with LH once a founding member of the 747 club (between 1970 and 2002), is bankrupt! The Italian government has ...
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  • Ethiad to now hold 49.9% ownership of Air Berlin...

    Well, if you shake enough money at it...

    So, why worry about local carriers when you can just buy a bunch of them. I hope that they're successful in this......
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  • Alitalia to retire last MD-82s on October 1st, 2012 reports that there are indications that Alitalia will retire their last MD-80s on October 1st, 2012. There is no officially known statement from Alitalia but the current information is that five aircraft will made their last landings on October 1st with the final landing of an MD-82 at 10:15 AM in Rome after a scheduled domestic flight from Cagliari. A retirement at the beginning of October 2012 will be faster one than earlier estimated.

    Eight or nine MD-82s are still scheduled to fly their services. Most flights are domestic legs while the only international service is to Tripoli/Libya.

    Four aircraft are operated with 141 seats each while the other four offer the one-class 164-seat layout. Two aircraft sport he new livery while the rest is still in the classic livery.

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  • Images of Alitalia fleet for eBook project

    Dear friends, My name is Diego Meozzi and I'm the owner of a small family-run publishing company based in Italy. Being the son of an Alitalia captain (now retired) with over 21,000 flight hours, it was almost inevitable that I would develop a passion for flight. Recently, together with my wife, I started working on a series of eBooks dedicated to specific aspects of civil aviation and in particular of Alitalia, the Italian national airline. Since the funds available are very close to zero and in any case the eBooks will be sold at a much lower price than traditional printed books (hence our initiative is driven more by passion than by profit), we are seeking help from the community of plane spotters and enthusiasts willing to share their images of Alitalia planes. Although Italian law states that all photographs with no "artistic value" taken in our country before 1992 are considered to be copyright free, we believe it is unethical grabbing "vintage" images available on the Web wit...
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  • Alitalia drops Sukhoi due to delays and orders from Embraer!

    Well, harsh news for Sukhoi. It would have been a big help to them to see these aircraft being well recieved in Europe. Well, maybe heavy discounts could save them?...
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    This is my first post on this forum. I always liked aviation, civil aviation in particular. I have ever planned holidays in order to "visit" some particular flights. In July 2003 I crowned my passion, the longest flight from my home town: Rome to Auckland. Probably I kept boarding passes, I have to search them: if I find something, I will update this thread. It was exciting and tiring at the same time. I tried to sleep as much as possible. From London to Los Angeles I slept about 7 hours. From Los Angeles to Auckland I slept 7 hours more.......but there were still seven hours of flight !!! The longest 7 hours in my life The return trip was even longer: it started in Christchurch, about 2 hours of flight to Auckland. Unfortunately there was a technical problem on the B747 prepared for my flight to Los Angeles: I had to wait 5 hours in Auckland. Furthermore, I was going to miss the connection flight from London to Rome Indeed, I ran like an olympic athlete in Heathrow: ...
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  • Lochtmans
    started a topic FCO-CDG-FCO Alitalia/Air France

    FCO-CDG-FCO Alitalia/Air France

    During my vacations in Italy I got the chance to spend 6 days in France.... In Paris! I handle to fly Alitalia and Air France to make a comparison. This is a flight review for both flights, and at the end a chart of both airlines. I hope you enjoy it. We booked everything with AF, so online check-in for 1st flight (operated by AZ) it was not possible. But we could do it on selfservice chek-in counters at the airport. So we got everything ready.... and we planned to be early at the airport the next morning We arrived at the airport 8:30 (our flight was at 10:20) We headed to Domestic Departures Terminal 1.... With lots of Alitalia's Counters. A lot of them were designated for International Flights (all together... no matter what's your destination) I went to do the check in on self service... I wasn't able to change the seats... There was a lady on a counter designated for groups, that helped me, at the end she couldn't figure why, so she did it on her computer. But it was cool bec...
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