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  • Alex - Spot-This !
    started a topic Appeals abuse

    Appeals abuse

    Some people seem to believe that almost every single rejection should be appealed. When we see a clear abuse we send a warning.
    Unfortunately some people decide to ignore that warning and keep making unnecessary appeals one after the other, leaving us no other choice than to issue slot limitation for a few month period.

    Please keep in mind that appeals are extremely time consuming and we have lately seen a huge increase of totally unnecessary appeals. So keep that function for the rare occasions where you sincerely believe the screeners were wrong. Also keep in mind that only about 5-10% of appeals are accepted so...
    Also remember that less appeals means more time for us to screen...

    Thank you

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  • klaxspotting Editing Advice Thread

    So not long ago, I got this photo ( rejected for "too much or too little contrast" I appealed it, since I wasn't too sure about it, and the response I got was a rejection with the note "Almost backlit" and nothing else (screenshot of email is attached). I'm a little confused, as a photo being almost backlit shouldn't be a reason to be rejected, and there was no comment about the supposed contrast issue with the photo. Could someone please explain why the appeal was responded to like it was, and (if improving the photo is possible) how to improve it to make it acceptable? Thank you in advance!...
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